A Dictionary of the Space Age by Paul Dickson

By Paul Dickson

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Burritt, and was preserved in American dictionaries as the popular name for the star Beta Centauri. Burritt was thought to have coined the 7 Algol name from alpha (A, for first or foremost) and gena (knee) because he had located the star near the “right foreleg” of the constellation. , the Constellation aircraft and Polaris intercontinental ballistic missile). ARPA formally approved the name in June 1959. SOURCES . SP-4402, pp. 6–7; W. F. Whitmore, “AGENA: The Spacecraft and the Star,” Lockheed Missiles and Space Co.

ETYMOLOGY / FIRST USE . “The astronauts even suggest that artificial satellites be created to revolve around the Earth and Venus at predetermined distances (Waldemar Kaempffert, “Rocket Ships and a Visit to Mars,” Forum and Century, October 1930, p. 235). The term appears in its modern sense in a 1945 proposal from Arthur C. , it would be within optical range of nearly half the earth’s surface. ” (Clarke, “Peacetime Uses for V2,” Wireless World, February 1945, p. ) AS- . Apollo-Saturn (followed by mission number).

ETYMOLOGY. (definition 2). ” Roosa, who ended up naming the Command Module Kitty Hawk, added, “It is a very difficult task to name a spacecraft. Ed and I spent hours trying to find two names that would be coordinated. ’” (Quoted in Lattimer, All We Did Was Fly to the Moon, p. ) anti-g. Designed to counteract the effects of high acceleration. anti-g suit. A garment to protect astronauts from certain physiological effects of acceleration. anti-matter. A form of matter of which the atoms are composed of antiparticles, as protons, electrons, etc.

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