A grammar of the Tulu language by J Brigel

By J Brigel

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FS3e) lord! kartava, 44. 2ND 2. EXAMPLE. , Crude form: Singular. 1. bele, work, beleda, of 2. work, belegu, to work. 3. * belenu, work, 4. Accus. 5. Locat. beledu, in work, 6. ^Wa^. beledudu, from, by or through work. 7. Comm. 8. Focaf. a, bele, to work, work! 23 Substantive ending in kartave, AQ. a lord. Plural * kartaveru, lords, kartavere, of lords, kartaveregu, to lords, kartaverenu, lords, kartaveredu, in lords. * kartaveredudu, from, by or through lords, kartavereda, to lords, lords! kartavere, bele, work.

There are three principal Tenses, viz: the Present, 45 Past and Future. Each of the Past and Future Tenses has two forms, Imperfect and Perfect, 1st and 2nd Future. 3. MOODS OF THE VERB. 86. There are six Moods, viz: Indicative, Imperative, Conditional, Infinitive, Potential and Subjunctive, each of which has a positive and negative form. 4. 87. CONJUGATION OF THE VERB. There are two principal conjugations, viz: those in which the participle of the present tense terminates in CAJU, and those in which it terminates in & pi.

In the Tulu supplied by turning Substantives into Adjectives by affixing to them the participles of the This defect language. &> Auxiliary Verbs to be danti, to become, and wcks^i aduppuni, have become) and the negative participle who, which, and that, have not. Examples of Simple Adjectives: posa kun^u, anew cloth; a fine child; bale, apini, (to 52. oposa, ^^xirporlu, fine oi>zi yedde, ol>ci good new ^<^OF crao-B ^j3^ We>e3 porlu sirartr yedde marga, a good way. Examples of Periphrastic Adjectives: 53.

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