A synopticon; An Index to the Great Ideas by Mortimer Adler

By Mortimer Adler

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Haracter of terms of innate ideas or implanted prinanother example of the attribution gin in :iples. Still is to be found in angelic properties to man he supposition that human beings can commu- >f ncate with one another by telepathy. The an- are telepathic; one angel, it is said, can nake its ideas known to another simply by an jels ict of will and without any exterior means of rommunication. Lacking bodies, the angels are without bodily -motions, free from the human conflict be- ween reason and passion, -by what and completely di- they know.

The Oath Ancient Medicine Airs, Waters, Places On Ancient On Airs, Medicine Waters, and Places The BooJ( of Prognostics Prognostics in Acute Diseases On Regimen Regimen Of the Epidemics Injuries Fractures Instruments On Injuries paragraph, APPENDIX of the Head r-On the Articulations of Reduction paragraph BOOK, SECTION, paragraph, CASE On the Surgery On Fractures Articulations Acute Diseases Epidemics of the Head Surgery in > paragraph THE GREAT IDEAS xlii Volume Number, Author, and 10 Author's Divisions Cited Title HIPPOCRATES (continued) SECTION, paragraph Aphorisms The Law On Ulcers On Fistulae On Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids On the Sacred Disease Sacred Disease Ulcers paragraph Pistulae 10 GALEN (c.

Cleaving dose unto Thee, placed be. " yond all The familia r question concerning the number of angels able to stand on a needle's point if it was ever asked by mediaeval theologians merely poses the problem of how an incorpo- The way in which deal with the anspiritual being, they seldom real cient speculations about pure intelligibles or Aquinas discusses "angels in relation to place" separate intelligences without being influenced by the theological doctrine of angels which de- erally significant issues concerning the nature veloped in mediaeval thought.

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