A World Made Safe for Differences by Christopher Shannon

By Christopher Shannon

In a global Made secure for transformations, Christopher Shannon examines how an anthropological definition of tradition formed the vital political and social narratives of the chilly battle period. within the center many years of the 20th century, American intellectuals understood tradition as a 'whole lifestyle' and a 'pattern of values' for you to account for and accommodate alterations among the USA and different nations, and inside the United States itself. Shannon locates the ideological origins of present debates approximately multiculturalism within the pluralist considered 'consensus' liberalism. The emphasis on individualism in modern identification politics, Shannon indicates, needs to be understood as a legacy of the chilly struggle liberalism of the Fifties instead of the counter-culture radicalism of the Sixties. a global Made secure for variations is a hugely unique and debatable publication that may be of significant curiosity to scholars and students of twentieth century American historical past.

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