Advertising International: The Privatisation of Public Space by Armand Mattelart

By Armand Mattelart

The advertisements has replaced out of all acceptance over the last twenty years. The map of worldwide communications has been redrawn by way of a flood of mergers and takeovers, and the media is now ruled by means of a handful of transnational conglomerates. ads businesses have assorted into tv construction, public family, media paying for and advertising and marketing companies. within the hole created via the quandary in public provider provision, advertisements has stepped in, forming a community which enervates media, economies, cultures, politics and diplomacy. Armand Mattelart's survey assesses the improvement and destiny customers of this "industry of public noise", and assesses the results for democracy of the increase and upward thrust of the communications society. This e-book might be of curiosity to complicated scholars and lecturers of media reports, conversation reviews, advertising reports, cultural experiences, sociology and administration reviews.

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Two years earlier Ted Bates absorbed the Alas group in Spain. In the Netherlands and in Federal Germany, the ten top agencies all have majority holdings by the networks. In Italy, only one of the top five agencies is nationally owned. In Belgium, where all the heavyweights are American, British or French, the last local agency succumbed to Ogilvy in 1978. Its Belgian owner explained at the time: A key motivation for HHD in the merger is that our agency has remained a purely Belgian agency and has consequently suffered from the lack of international linkages that are increasingly necessary to compete for *‘Telemarketing’ refers to selling through the television screen with follow-up either by telephone or through teletext systems such as the French Minitel.

Such self-glorification in the media has the effect upon Americans of evoking their nostalgia for the epoch of their own ‘megamoguls’, the big bosses of cinema and television. ‘In a way’, writes a journalist in Variety with admiration, ‘the fact that so much development can be pinned on individuals rather than faceless corporations indicates European commercial television has some parallels to early TV ownership in the US. ’36 But the comparison, to have any validity, must stop there. The first age of television is in no way comparable to the context which gives rise to these new witch-doctors and their communications groups.

Thus far, there is nothing illegal. Things get serious when certain operators abuse this practice by overclaiming such deficiencies. The medium yields, for fear of not being paid. But the advertiser, unaware of the juggling act, pays for the space a second time! And since the medium is part of the plot, the payment is divided fifty-fifty. In certain media, the rate of replays reaches 20 per cent of advertising receipts. 26 The misdemeanour of the insider. THE HARD CORE As a result of the waltz of acquisitions and the alliances of the 1980s, three of the world’s leading advertising groups have their general headquarters in London (Saatchi & Saatchi, WPP and WCRS) and two have them in Paris (FCB-Publicis and Eurocom-Havas); and the British have managed to reduce the American share in the turnover of the top twenty agencies in the domestic market to 30 per cent.

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