Almost a Hero: The Voyages of John Meares, R.N., to China, by J Richard Nokes

By J Richard Nokes

Starting in 1786, Captain John Meares of significant Britain bravely explored the North pacific, yet his try to dominate the fur exchange among the Northwest Coast and Asia was once pissed off while the Spanish army seized his ships off Vancouver Island. Meares neglected the chance to discover the Strait of Juan de Fuca or realize the Columbia River. for that reason, he was once virtually a hero.

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6 Page 21 Meares' own account, however, contradicts part of Dixon's statement. Meares advised Dixon of the seriousness of the situation, and told him that the Nootka's longboat was not in seaworthy enough condition to reach the ships "distant near 20 leagues" (such a round trip would require "some days" of sailing and rowing, Meares thought). Dixon replied by saying he could carry Meares to the two ships, but could not assure him of being able to return because Portlock planned to sail very soon.

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