Alternative Targum Traditions: The Use of Variant Readings by Alberdina Houtman

By Alberdina Houtman

This learn explores the potential for utilizing version readings of the Targum of the Prophets to recover perception into the starting place and historical past of Targum Jonathan. The booklet turns out to be useful for the learn of the genesis of Targum Jonathan and its later advancements.

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106 This explanation is close to the traditional view, but restricts the possible place of origin to an area where Aramaic was the main language. Meg 21b ‘that the Targum is meant to teach women and commoners, who do not understand the sacred language’. 109 Thus, Luzzatto introduced here yet another category of people who might have problems with Hebrew, namely the converts. Since Onkelos himself is reported to have been a proselyte,110 this is an interesting thought. Part of the motivation for his targumic activity would then have been love for his fellow proselytes who had problems with Hebrew.

Since this type of targum does not occur within the corpus of Targum Jonathan, we need not pursue this difficult question here further. 6. Targum characteristics In the above characterisation, the attention was focussed on the exegetical changes and additions. Before we proceed, it is good also to give some attention to the general translational approach of those texts that are commonly designated as Targums, because even texts that do not as a rule contain exegetical additions, such as Targum Onkelos and Targum Jonathan to the Former Prophets, are not simple word-by-word translations but pursue distinct tactics.

Van Reenen, A. den Hollander & M. van Mulken (eds), Studies in Stemmatology II, Amsterdam & Philadelphia 2004, 269–83, esp. 275, 277–79. 3 Kasher, ‫תוספתות‬, 60–62. 42 chapter two sometimes included in the field of TTs (b). After that we will describe the corpus that is used for this study (c), followed by an attempt to characterise the material according to the main sources (d). Finally, we will try to come to some conclusions (e). A. Survey of Previous Research on the Tosefta Targums The seemingly random occurrences of the TTs and their diverse character caught scholarly attention as early as in the nineteenth century.

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