Animal Imagery in the Book of Proverbs (Supplements to Vetus by Tova Forti

By Tova Forti

Any remedy of the figurative and symbolic functionality of animal imagery in biblical literature calls for certain awareness to its contextual that means and cultural overview. the current examine goals to illustrate how this is often relatively precise of the publication of Proverbs, during which faunal imageries function a didactic capability for delving into the extra noticeable truths of human habit. This publication makes a methodological contribution towards knowing the didactic functionality of Proverb's animal imageries by means of delivering an ongoing three-pronged research: a. Zoological identity and literary conception of the animal within the Bible; b. Hermeneutic dynamics among the categorical animal simile and its literary version; c. Rhetorical functionality of the animal imagery in the conceptual framework of the e-book of Proverbs.

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4. A two-clause saying in which the comparative knp is missing from the first clause and the second clause is introduced by the comparative ZƗZ (ZƗZ DGDHTXDtionis) instead of the particle k»n (d, h). 2 The Antithetical Saying The two clauses of the statement may have a contrasting or antithetical relationship. ” 43 See Delitzsch, Proverbs of Solomon I, pp. 7–8. For a careful consideration of the difference between the antithetic parallel and the negative see Moshe Held, “The Action-Result (Factitive-Passive) Sequence of Identical Verbs in Biblical Hebrew and Ugaritic,” JBL 84 (1965), pp.

96–105; J. L. Kugel, The Idea of Biblical Poetry (New Haven and London, 1981), p. 14; W. G. E. Watson, Classical Hebrew Poetry: A Guide to its Techniques (JSOTSup 26; Sheffield, 1983), pp. 214–21; A. Berlin, The Dynamics of Biblical Parallelism (Bloomington, 1985), pp. 56–57; Chaim Cohen, INTRODUCTION 17 the prepositional bet prefixes the negative particle rn in the opening clause, while the adversative ZƗZ and the prepositional bet are prefixed to the adjectival r¡b ‘many’ in the second clause (cf.

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