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Static and dynamic anthropometric data will provide the designer with an armature of dimensions around which ideas can grow. Variation of trunk height to leg height or forward arm reach, or alternatively chest girth to hip girth are measurable differences that we can use on behalf of a consumer population. Static anthropometric data is generally required and used for wholesale clothing manufacture. Dynamic anthropometric data is required for the design of home furniture and fittings in all forms of travel and in a wide range of industrial and engineering, educational and medical activities.

The subject must stand in a fairly relaxed attitude, although not slumped, with the feet placed evenly on the ground. The tape must be arranged parallel to the ground just touching the lower edge of the buttocks. Leg length Leg length is commonly taken as standing height less sitting height. This is easy but only a rough measure. The attempts at leg length measure must depend on the use to which the measure is to be put, for the top of the leg is difficult to determine. Two fixed points for the top of the leg could be the great trochanter, although this is a vague area rather than a point for a linear height measure, or the inferior point of the ischial tuberosity.

A sample has but one use and that is to obtain some insight into the make-up of the population from which it is drawn. Obviously, if this were not the case and each sample were somehow unique, it would be generally useless because of its lack of correspondence to any portion of the population outside of the sample. One problem in field research is to collect a population sample in the way best fitted to the work in hand, and this will generally require an adequate knowledge of the way a society is organised.

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