Arithmetic by Jadav. Chandra Chakravarti

By Jadav. Chandra Chakravarti

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8. Divide Here we have a remainder that if the quotient, 83.

35. of 28, 8 We Example. and 3. Find the continued product multiply 28 by final result 28 _J8 8, and the product by 3, the 224 being 672. _3 672 Ans> EXAMPLES. Find the following continued products 11. : 2. 3. 27x8x2. 703x85x79. 8050x70x30. 6. 59x85x76x5. 3205x9x8x5. 6. 99x88x77x66, How much is twice nine times seventy-three ? I. 4. 7. A day contains 24 hours, an hour contains 60 minutes, and a minute contains 60 seconds how many seconds are there in a day ? 8. ; 9. make make a chatak 16 chataks make a seer maund how many tolas are there in a maund ?

4. 78965-B795-7386. 8703-7955 + 3002-1030. 1600-924-300-88. 6. 94567 + 3285-77777-304-4-64. 8. 6. of 720 7. their 8. * To 753-98 + 7 I first add 329, and then take the difference and 699 from the sum ; what is the result ? By how much is the difference of 7203 and 4980 less than sum ? By how much does the sum of 7985 - 899 and 7003 exceed their difference ? 9. The 909+350 ; greater of two numbers is the other ? is 94047, and their difference is what 10. What number must be added sum may be one lac ?

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