Armageddon Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Day of Honor, by L. A. Graf

By L. A. Graf

Worf and the staff of the Defiant locate themselves trapped on an alien international threatened by means of a world cataclysm, whereas Captain Sisko needs to retain tensions on Deep area 9 from erupting into battle. Original."

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The turbolift platform hissed into sight, rising far too slowly, as it always seemed to do in tense situations like these. When it finally arrived, what looked like a medieval Klingon melee poured out into Ops, making one of the junior officers gasp and another stifle a laugh. Sisko lifted an eyebrow as he recognized the senior officers who made up the core of his tactical analysis team beneath the sweat and jangle of lacquered armor. Kira shot him a rueful glance of apology, while Worfjust looked stoic.

On DS9--WHICH had acknowledged the holiday for as long as the Federation had kept a presence theretothere'd been a distinct increase in racist grumbling. As the grumbling increased, they'd gradually phased out plans for a display of locally owned Klingon art, then the Klingon food festival, and finally even the re-enactment of the Klingons' traditional Honor Combat--Suv'batlh--for fear of how station personnel would respond to the Klingon costumes and weapons. Worf shoved off his lacquered battle-mask to reveal a grim face streaked with rivulets of sweat.

Odo's gelatinous flinch had to have been more from sympathy than any need on his part. Kira pinwheeled to land without use of her hands, worried for one absurd moment that she might crush him. The jolt of discomfort that thumped up her spine was enough to inspire a curse of her own, this time so vile that even the Klingon looming over her blinked in surprise. " She heaved her bat'leth toward the open courtyard and called out, "Program delete "Kira,"" just to watch the weapon evaporate before it could hit the ground.

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