Aspect In Mandarin Chinese: A Corpus-based Study (Studies in by Richard Xiao †, Tony McEnery

By Richard Xiao †, Tony McEnery

Chinese language, as a facet language, has performed a huge position within the improvement of point idea. This publication is a scientific and dependent exploration of the linguistic units that Mandarin chinese language employs to precise aspectual meanings. The paintings offered here's the 1st corpus-based account of point in chinese language, encompassing either scenario point and point of view element. In utilizing corpus facts, the ebook seeks to accomplish a wedding among theory-driven and corpus-based ways to linguistics. The corpus-based version offered explores element at either the semantic and grammatical degrees. on the semantic point a two-level version of scenario element is proposed, which covers either the lexical and sentential degrees, hence giving a greater account of the compositional nature of state of affairs element. on the grammatical point 4 perfective and 4 imperfective features in chinese language are explored intimately. This exploration corrects many intuition-based misconceptions, and linked deceptive conclusions, approximately point in chinese language universal within the literature.

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Soldiers played that sonata. (Verkuyl 1989:80) b. Adults hated that sonata. (ibid) c. Nobody hated sonatas. e. bare plurals or mass nouns. e. g. 1a-b) (ibid:81) b. g. 1c) (ibid:81) a. Verkuyl is right to argue that (1b) and (1c) are [-telic], but his explanation of why this is the case is not convincing at all. The two situations are atelic simply because hate is a [-telic] verb. 2). Example (1a) is slightly more complicated because of the bare plural soldiers. e. e. soldiers in general used to play that sonata) (cf.

See the discussion below. 3. All numbered examples in this book are cited from our corpora, either directly or in a modiWed form, unless indicated otherwise. It should be noted that modiWed examples may NOT necessarily be grammatical or acceptable. A citation from corpora or other sources is 31 32 Aspect in Mandarin Chinese typically modiWed in this book to (1) provide an unacceptable example, or (2) to form a more marked contrast with other examples. An in/for-PP, which does not appear in the original text, may appear in brackets in an example.

The answers to the two questions are obviously diVerent. 5 for a further discussion of semelfactives). 3). Vendler’s attempt to classify surface verbs once and for all is clearly infeasible (cf. Dowty 1979:62), as situation aspect is also a sentence-level phenomenon (cf. Verkuyl 1993; Smith 1997). While Vendler was aware of the contributions of arguments to verb classes, it was Verkuyl (1993) who elaborated the compositional nature of situation aspect in a systematic way. However, Verkuyl’s (1989, 1993) approach to aspectual classiWcation is also problematic.

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