Banach Space Theory and Its Applications by A. Pietsch

By A. Pietsch

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Moreover, we need to broaden our concept of space security, not only addressing military concerns, but civilian and commercial as well. As we move forward in our efforts to preserve the secure and sustainable access to space, it is critical that we do not overlook the awareness-raising that will contribute to creating a better understanding among our fellow citizens. Space applications (such as communications and Earth observation) are greatly affected by space security, as noted by Francesco Pisano and Einar Bjorgo of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

Customary international law is based on the long-term, widespread behaviour of states, as well as an ingrained acceptance that such expressed behaviours are obligatory. It can be argued that there exists customary international law restricting the testing of ASAT weapons. For example, we could say that there is a rejection of the destruction of space assets in combat. There have been many conflicts during the space age, but never have space assets been aggressed in such a manner. As for testing, such was undertaken on occasion during the Cold War.

Thirdly, while not immediately related to space security in the short term, further clarifications in the space law regime are needed to solve issues that will arise in the long term as there is a general lack of basic law on space conduct. In the future we might see conflict over land and resources not on Earth, not necessarily solely among states but possibly involving commercial and private companies as well. Our generation strongly supports initiatives that aim at an accelerated development of space technologies within the 10 private and commercial sector for the peaceful uses of outer space for all humanity, such as the Google Lunar X Prize, which offers up to $30 million to the first team that can land a privately built rover on the Moon before the end of 2014 and send back high-resolution video.

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