Behind the Mask of Religious Traditions by Mark Briggs

By Mark Briggs

At the back of the masks of non secular Traditions: Your consultant to researching and Destroying Sacred Cows

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Of course there are numerous other absolutes relative to the Christian walk, but these “necessary things” were meant not to bring stress but strength to the body. When the postscripts of the letter become larger than the letter, and the postscripts outnumber the holy scripts, something is wrong. The bylaws of some denominations have evolved into an article thicker than the average size Bible. What a calamity that people could become so deceived as to think that they could legislate God into their group.

At low tide there are multitudes of separated pools along the shore. But at high tide they flow together and the little distinctions are lost in one splendid union. What we need to pray for is high tide so all the distinctive parts of the Body of Christ can flow together in one wonderful, glorious ocean. Now wouldn’t that be a dream come true? If this were to happen, just imagine how many other ideas would be activated. Recently a group of orchestra violinists were suing for a pay raise, claiming they play many more notes per concert than do their colleagues.

So all the people took off their earrings and brought them to Aaron. He took what they handed him and made it into an idol cast in the shape of a calf, fashioning it with a tool. Then they said, “These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt” (Exodus 32:1-4 NIV). You can follow the downward spiral of Israel in three descending steps: • Diluted leadership. • Distorted perception. • 32 • — Cows That Are Constructed — • Deified devices (cows). ” If this is true, and I believe it is, some leader in Israel goofed up.

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