CFD Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processing by Laurentiu Nastac, Lifeng Zhang, Brian G. Thomas, Adrian S.

By Laurentiu Nastac, Lifeng Zhang, Brian G. Thomas, Adrian S. Sabau, Nagy El-Kaddah, Adam C. Powell, Herve Combeau

Lawsuits of a symposium subsidized via organization for Iron and metal Technology
the technique know-how and Modeling Committee of the Extraction and Processing Division
the Solidification Committee of the fabrics Processing and production department of TMS (The Minerals, Metals & fabrics Society)
Held through the TMS 2012 Annual assembly & Exhibition Orlando, Florida, united states, March 11-15, 2012Content:

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Mohanty1, M. M. Mahapatra2, Pradeep Kumar3 and P. K. Jha2 2 Research Scholar, Mech. & Ind. Eng. T Roorkee Assistant professor, Mech. & Ind. Eng. T Roorkee 3 Professor, Mech. & Ind. Eng. T Roorkee Roorkee, Uttrakhand, India-247667 Keywords: Friction stir welding, Tool geometry, Stirring effect, Material flow Abstract During friction stir welding, the tool geometries affect the weld together with the process parameters like welding speed, vertical pressure and tool rotational speed. The present investigation deals with the three dimensional computational fluid dynamics modeling of friction stir welding process considering material flow around the tool, welding speed with respect to tool geometries.

Precious metals such as platinum are used as catalyst within this assembly which significantly add to the overall cost of fuel cell. To make fuel cells more cost effective and efficient, an 17 optimization of fuel cell catalyst loading is necessary. Better and cost effective optimizations of the MEA assembly can be achieved through modeling and simulation. MEA is the smallest part of the fuel cell assembly. Various models have been developed to model the MEA and the associated reactions. One of the very first attempts to optimize catalyst loading was made by Marr et al.

Journal of materials Engineering and Performance, 18(4)(2009),339-350. 15 16 17 C. Sellars, and W. M. Tegart, "On the mechanism of hot deformation", Acta Metall, 14(9) 1966, 11361138. P. Biswas and N. R. Mandal, Effect of tool geometries on thermal history of FSW of AAl 100, Welding Journal, 90(2011), S129-135. 32 CFD Modding and Simulation in Materials Edited by: iMurentiu Nastac, Lifeng Zhang, Brian G. Thomas, Adrian Sabau, Nagy El-Kaddah, Adam C. Powell, and Herré Combeau TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society), 2012 UNDERSTANDING FUMING DURING METAL REFINING BY CFD Jan Erik Olsen1, Mari Naess2, Gabriella Tranell2 2 ^INTEF Materials & Chemistry, 7465 Trondheim, Norway Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Department of Material Science & Engineering, 7491 Trondheim, Norway Keywords: Fuming, CFD, HSE, Metal, Silicon, Refining Abstract Fume, also known as dust, is produced during metal refining.

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