Chemical Constituents of Bryophytes: Bio- and Chemical by Yoshinori Asakawa, Agnieszka Ludwiczuk, Fumihiro Nagashima,

By Yoshinori Asakawa, Agnieszka Ludwiczuk, Fumihiro Nagashima, A. Douglas Kinghorn, Heinz Falk, Junichi Kobayashi

For a few 50 years, Professor Asakawa and his crew have concentrated their examine at the chemical materials of bryophytes and feature discovered that those vegetation include huge numbers of secondary metabolites, comparable to terpenoids, acetogenins, and fragrant compounds consultant of many new skeletons, which express attention-grabbing organic actions. person terpenoids, whilst came across as elements of either a bryophyte and a better plant, are likely to happen in numerous enantiomeric kinds. Professor Asakawa has lined the literature on bryophytes in past volumes of Progress within the Chemistry of natural traditional Products, particularly, Volumes forty two (1982) and sixty five (1995). because the book of the latter quantity, loads of new info has seemed on bryophytes. One instance is that recognized intercourse pheromones of algae were came across in liverworts, indicating that a few contributors of the latter taxonomic team may possibly originate from brown algae. From info supplied during this quantity, it is recommended that orders of the Marchantiophyta might be mixed.

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Liverworts are abundant sources of new carbon skeletons of natural sesquiterpenoids, inclusive of seco-africanes (103–105), nor-seco-africanes (106, 107), noraristolanes (115–117), 1,10-seco-aromadendranes (146–154), aromadendraneguiaiane dimers (177), 2,3-seco-aromadendranes (181–223), isozieranes (226, 228, 229), barbatanes (¼ gymnomitrane) (234–259), bazzananes (260–271), brasilanes (341–345), trinorcalamenanes (418), chiloscyphanes (444–450, 453, 454), cuparane dimers (491), seco-cuparanes (498), herbertanes (508–527) and herbertane dimers (528–531), peculiaranes (550), isogermacranes (693, 694), bicyclohumulanes (776), striatanes (808–810), tridensanes (811), ricciocarpanes (811a, 811b), myltaylanes (814–818), cyclomyltaylanes (819–830), modified pacifigorgianes (833–839), pinguisanes (840–853, 857–890), pinguisane dimers (854–856), trifaranes (906–912), neotrifaranes (913), chenopodanes (917, 918), sandvicanes (919), riccardiphanes (924–924b), olivacanes (927), and nudenanes (928, 929).

04% of its geographical region. Liverwort diversity at the summit of Khao Nan, Khao Nan National Park, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand, has been investigated by Sukkharak and associates. A total of 547 specimens were collected, accounting for 103 species in 40 genera and 17 families. Among the 40 genera of liverworts studied, Frullania, Radula, Plagiochila, Bazzania, and Drepanolejeunea species were represented by the largest number of species (786). Iwatsuki listed 332 genera and 1,135 species of mosses occurring in Japan (368).

II Paraschistochila tuloides Riccardia eriocaula Schistochila balfouriana Schistochila repleta Calypogeia azurea Bazzania tridens Conocephalum conicum Frullania deplanata Paraschistochila tuloides Plagiochila sciophila Porella vernicosa Porella perrottetiana Radula perrottetii Schistochila balfouriana Lepidozia concinna Lunularia cruciata Unidentified Jungermannia sp. Marchantia polymorpha Paraschistochila tuloides Porella canariensis Radula perrottetii [a]D/ ocm2 gÀ110À1 Plant source(s) (72) (79) (494) (79) (72) (179) (492) (826) (72) (933) (544) (73) (73) (72) (72) (72) (72) (816) (951) (493) (78) (72) (492) (637) (424) (492) (72) Reference(s) X-ray Comments 46 4 Chemical Constituents of Marchantiophyta 129 128 127 C15H22O C15H26O C15H26O C15H24O C15H24O C15H24 ent-Cyclocolorenone Viridiflorol ent-Viridiflorol 4-Dehydroviridiflorol (+)-4-Dehydroviridiflorol Ledene (179) (582) (604) (485) (715) (645) (486) (221) (221) (221) (221) (582) (930) (933) (544) (600) (922) (922) (922) (485) (930) (933) (931) (15) (928) (78) (922) (645) (922) Calypogeia muelleriana Conocephalum conicum Jungermannia infusca Kurzia trichoclados Mylia nuda Mylia taylorii Bazzania japonica Bazzania trilobata Calypogeia muelleriana Calypogeia fissa Diplophyllum albicans Tritomaria quinquedentata Frullania ptychantha Kurzia trichoclados Lepidozia vitrea Mylia nuda Bazzania japonica Bazzania trilobata Lepidozia fauriana Lophozia ventricosa Plagiochila bifaria Plagiochila maderensis Plagiochila retrorsa Plagiochila stricta Bazzania trilobata (843) Unidentified Frullania sp.

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