China, Space Weapons, and U.S. Security (Csr) by Bruce W. Macdonald

By Bruce W. Macdonald

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The Tempest (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 19)

While a ferocious plasma hurricane moves the complete Bajoran process, Deep house 9 turns into a port below siege, crammed to overflowing with stranded house tourists, unpredictable extraterrestrial beings, and Klingon smugglers. Wof and Odo locate themselves demonstrated to the restrict as they fight to manage the chaos that has ate up the station.

Islands Of Space (The second book in the Arcot, Wade and Morey series)

The second one booklet - and primary full-length novel - that includes Arcot, Wade & Morey, the 3 Gadgeteers of area technological know-how. Following the repulsion of the invading Black big name, the threesome prepare a faster-than-light spaceship, and locate: ~ ~~ ~ The fugitive planets of the Black big name; ~ ~~ ~ A frozen cemetary-world of a misplaced race; ~ ~~ ~ And a knock-down, drag-out interplanetary struggle in one other galaxy!

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