Ciba Foundation Symposium 12 - Atherogenesis: Initiating by Ciba Foundation

By Ciba Foundation

Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–5): Sir James Lighthill
Chapter 2 Tissue alterations and Lipid access in constructing Atheroma (pages 5–37): C. W. M. Adams
Chapter three Lipids and Low?Density Lipoproteins in Intima when it comes to Its Morphological features (pages 38–62): Elspeth B. Smith and Rosalind S. Slater
Chapter four law of telephone ldl cholesterol content material (pages 63–92): J. Martyn Bailey
Chapter five Responses of the Arterial Wall to sure actual elements (pages 93–125): D. L. Fry
Chapter 6 shipping of fabric among Blood and Wall in Arteries (pages 126–164): C. G. Caro
Chapter 7 Lipid Synthesis and Degradation and Lipoprotein shipping in Mammalian Aorta (pages 165–183): Y. Stein and O. Stein
Chapter eight attainable function of the Glycosaminoglycans within the Genesis of Atherosclerosis (pages 184–196): Per?Henrik Iverius
Chapter nine Subcellular Fractionation reviews at the Cells remoted from basic and Atherosclerotic Aorta (pages 197–222): T. J. Peters, T. Takano and C. De Duve
Chapter 10 The constitution of Human Serum Low? and High?Density Lipoproteins (pages 223–249): Angelo M. Scanu
Chapter eleven ldl cholesterol trade among floor Layers and Plasma Proteins in bulk (pages 250–266): I. R. Miller, H. Graet and Y. F. Frei
Chapter 12 normal dialogue (pages 267–275):
Chapter thirteen Summing Up (pages 276–282): Sir James Lighthill

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What has always impressed me about these lesions is that the lipid is deep, and that on top of it is a mass of fibrous tissue. In other cases the lesion (the plaque) is predominantly fibrous. The most important contribution that Virchow ( I 862) made in describing this lesion was not the imbibition hypothesis of lipids; it was that he saw this as an inflammatory lesion, because of the appearance of young cells in some lesions. I n fact he called the lesion endoarteritis chronica deformans sive nodosa-in other words, an inflammation of the inside of the artery, chronic or nodular.

E x p . Mol. Pathol. 4, 465-479 KATZ,L. N . & PICK, R. (1963) in Evolution q f t h e Atherosclerotic Pluqur(Jones, R . ), pp. 25 1-264, Chicago University Press, Chicago KIRK,J. E. & LAURSEN, T. J. S. (1955) Diffusion coefficients of various solutes for human aorta, with special reference to variation in tissue permeability with age. J . Cerontol. , WANSTRUP, J . & ASTRUP,P. (1968) Enhancing influence of arterial hypoxia on the development of atheromatosis in cholesterol-fed rabbits. J . Atheroscler.

J . Pathol. Bacteriol. 94, 73-76 ADAMS, C. W. M. & TUQAN, N. A. (1961) Elastic degeneration as source of lipids in the early lesion of atherosclerosis. J . Pathol. Bacteriol. 82, 131 - I 39 ADAMS,C. W. , BAYLISS, 0. B. & IBRAHIM, M. 2 . M . (1962) A hypothesis to explain the accumulation of cholesterol in atherosclerosis. Luncet 1 , 890-892 ADAMS, C . W. , IBRAHIM, M. Z . M. & WEBSTER, M. , Jr ( 1 9 6 3 ~Phospho) lipids in atherosclerosis: modification of the cholesterol granuloma by phospholipid.

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