Ciba Foundation Symposium 129 - Autoimmunity and Autoimmune

This paintings specializes in the autoimmune techniques that experience now been confirmed to underlie a few critical illnesses, together with diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis and a number of sclerosis. Papers discover the quickly increasing advancements in study on immune reaction and law, and their strength within the improvement of remedies for autoimmune illnesses. the big variety of matters lined right here contain: the character of intracellular and telephone surface-derived ``self'' antigens; competing theories of the new release of immune tolerance and their implications of present theories for examine and remedy; attainable hyperlinks among autoimmunity and genetic supplement deficiency; the contributions of interferons and sophistication II HLA antigen expression to autoimmunity; and the potential for monoclonal antibodies and different biotechnological advances in treating human autoimmune stipulations.


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Geomorphology, Neotectonics and Process Studies in the Rappahannock River Basin, Virginia: Marshall to Oak Grove, Virginia, July 15-16, 1989

Concerning the ProductPublished via the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the sector journey Guidebooks sequence. Geomorphology and surficial geology more and more are getting used to handle questions about climatic and tectonic histories of particular landscapes. within the Appalachian Piedmont, an eroding panorama in dynamic equilibrium (Hack, 1960), the adjustment of shape to strategy may well take place swiftly sufficient to avoid exact id of climatic or tectonic occasions in landforms or surficial stratigraphy.

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Clin Exp Immunol 48:43-51 Black DL, Chabot B, Steitz J A 1985 U2 as well as U1 small nuclear ribonucleoproteins are involved in premessenger RNA splicing. Cell 42:737-750 Douvas AS, Achten M, Tan EM 1979 Identification of a nuclear protein (Scl-70) as a unique target of human antinuclear antibodies in scleroderma. 54: 10514-10522 Fritzler MJ, Tan EM 1978 Antibodies to histones in drug-induced and idiopathic lupus erythematosus. 56@567 Guldner H-H, Szostecki C, Vosberg H-P, Lakomek HJ, Penner E , Bautz FA 1986 Scl-70 autoantibodies from scleroderma patients recognize a 95 kDa protein identified as DNA topoisomerase 1.

Beisel KW 1987 Heart-specific autoantibodies induced by Coxsackievirus B,: identification of heart autoantigens. Clin Immunol Immunopathol, in press Beisel K, Wolfgram L, Herskowitz A , Rose N 1985 Differences in severity of Coxsackievirus B3-induced myocarditis among H-2 congenic mouse strains. In: Skamene E (ed) Genetic control of host resistance to infection and malignancy. Alan R Liss, New York, p 195-210 Dale JB, Beachy EH 1985 Epitopes of streptococcal M proteins shared with cardiac myosin.

Have you done adoptive transfers of T cells, which might help you to analyse ‘resistance’ in another way? Rose: We have just begun adoptive transfer experiments, but with no results as yet. The anti-myosin IgM titre in the resistant mice is very similar to that in normal mouse sera. We therefore think that these antibodies are ‘natural’ antibodies (Neu et al1987b). The occurrence of ‘natural’ anti-myosin antibody in mice has also been described by others (Dighiero et allY83). The antibody in susceptible mice, however, is IgG and, in contrast to the ‘natural’ antibody, is specific for the cardiac myosin isoform (Neu et al 1987b).

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