Ciba Foundation Symposium 22 - Aromatic Amino Acids in the

Chapter 1 Chairman's creation (pages 1–3): R. J. Wurtman
Chapter 2 keep watch over of Plasma Amino Acid Concentrations (pages 5–24): H. N. Munro
Chapter three Amino Acid shipping within the mind in vivo and in vitro (pages 25–49): A. Lajtha
Chapter four Octopamine, Phenylethanolamine, Phenylethylamine and Tryptamine within the mind (pages 51–66): Julius Axelrod and Juan M. Saavedra
Chapter five Tyrosine Aminotransferase within the Rat mind (pages 67–83): P. Mandel and D. Aunis
Chapter 6 houses of the Pterin?Dependent fragrant Amino Acid Hydroxylases (pages 85–115): Seymour Kaufman
Chapter 7 The in vivo Estimation of premiums of Tryptophan and Tyrosine Hydroxylation: results of adjustments in Enzyme atmosphere and Neuronal task (pages 117–134): A. Carlsson
Chapter eight The law of Tyrosine Hydroxylase task in Adrenergic apprehensive Tissue (pages 135–152): N. Weiner, F.?L. Lee, J. C. Waymire and M. Posiviata
Chapter nine dietary keep watch over of the Synthesis of 5?Hydroxytryptamine within the mind (pages 153–173): J. D. Fernstrom, B. okay. Madras, H. N. Munro and R. J. Wurtman
Chapter 10 The move of Tryptophan around the Synaptosome Membrane (pages 175–196): A. Parfitt and D. G. Grahame?Smith
Chapter eleven Tryptophan focus within the mind (pages 197–206): A. T. B. Moir
Chapter 12 Serum unfastened Tryptophan: regulate of mind Concentrations of Tryptophan and of Synthesis of 5?Hydroxytryptamine (pages 207–216): G. L. Gessa and A. Tagliamonte
Chapter thirteen Fatty Acids and the Disposition of Tryptophan (pages 217–241): G. Curzon and P. J. Knott
Chapter 14 Monoamine Metabolites within the Cerebrospinal Fluid: signs of the Biochemical prestige of Monoaminergic Neurons within the critical worried procedure (pages 243–264): Marin Bulat
Chapter 15 Do Tryptophan Concentrations restrict Protein Synthesis at particular websites within the mind? (pages 265–281): Samuel H. Barondes
Chapter sixteen fragrant Amino Acid provide and mind Protein Synthesis (pages 283–297): S. S. Oja, P. Lahdesmaki and M.?L. Vahvelainen
Chapter 17 results of Amino Acid Imbalance on Amino Acid usage, Protein Synthesis and Polyribosome functionality in Cerebral Cortex (pages 299–324): Sidney Roberts
Chapter 18 L?Dopa, Polysomal Aggregation and Cerebral Synthesis of Protein (pages 325–334): Bette F. Weiss, L. E. Roel, H. N. Munro and R. J. Wurtman
Chapter 19 ??Methyldopa, An Unnatural fragrant Amino Acid (pages 335–342): L. Maitre, P. R. Hedwall and P. C. Waldmeier
Chapter 20 man made p?Halogenophenylalanines and Protein Synthesis within the mind (pages 343–359): E. Martin Gal
Chapter 21 results of ??Methyltryptophan on Tryptophan, 5?Hydroxytryptamine and Protein Metabolism within the mind (pages 361–380): Theodore L. Sourkes
Chapter 22 Chairman's remaining feedback (pages 381–384): R. J. Wurtman

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Later, I shall discuss the effect of amino acid depletion in the brain upon polyribosome function (see pp. 299-318). A somewhat unexpected factor affecting this function may be the degree of ribonuclease activity in polyribosome preparations under different conditions of amino acid balance or imbalance. Munro: The only condition under which tRNA has been shown to affect the rate of protein chain formation has been the artificial one of reticulocyte synthesis of globin in vitro, when it is possible to break up the globin into successive peptides.

1969) administered a mixture of amino acids lacking tryptophan or other essential amino acids to rats. The charging of tRNA was diminished most in the absence of tryptophan and much less (or not at all) by deficiency of other essential amino acids. This confirmed our finding (Pronczuk et al. 1968) that administration of the same mixtures to rats affected hepatic protein synthesis and polysome patterns chiefly in tryptophan deficiency and not when other amino acids were lacking. Since then, we have administered diets that were imbalanced with regard to other essential amino acids (Pronczuk et al.

1974). 04 % ['4C]inulin for the determination of amino acid uptake and extracellular space. Na+ and Kf were determined with a flame photospectrometer, swelling by dry weight. Dextran 80 abolishes the increase in water during incubation but has no effect on ion and ATP levels or on amino acid uptake. Since Dextran does not affect extracellular spaces, its main effect is on intracellular water. energy changes are not responsible for the higher uptake by slices. Tissue damage seems to be only partly responsible for the difference.

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