Ciba Foundation Symposium - Hormonal Influences in Water

Chapter 1 Chairman's establishing comments (pages 414–416): S. Zuckerman
Chapter 2 The organic Excretion of Sodium and its Relation to mobile Water (pages 417–429): E. J. Conway
Chapter three law of Intracellular Potassium and dating of this rules to Renal Excretion of Sodium and Potassium (pages 430–438): J. A. Luetscher
Chapter four the relationship of Carbohydrate and Potassium Metabolism, when it comes to the Adrenal Cortex (pages 439–445): F. Verzar
Chapter five Steroids and Acid?Base Equilibrium (pages 446–454): Raoul Lecoq
Chapter 6 The Interrelationship among the Adrenal Cortex, Posterior Pituitary and Anterior Pituitary in Water Metabolism (pages 455–462): Robert Gaunt
Chapter 7 Antidiuretic job in Rat Serum (pages 463–469): H. Heller
Chapter eight Hormonal impacts at the Water Metabolism of New?Born and younger Animals (pages 470–480): H. Heller
Chapter nine The impression of Sodium Chloride on Water Diuresis and its Relation to the Adrenal (pages 481–498): H. W. Hays
Chapter 10 comparability of the impact of Cortisone Acetate and of Deoxycorticosterone Acetate upon Water stability (pages 499–516): Charles A. Winter
Chapter eleven initial experiences at the Sensitivity of Adrenalectomized canine to the Antidiuretic Hormone of the Posterior Pituitary Gland (pages 517–525): Mary P. Lockett
Chapter 12 The impact of Adrenalectomy and Deoxycorticosterone at the Water content material of Mammary Tissue (pages 526–529): S. J. Folley
Chapter thirteen The Sodium?Retaining task of the Corticoid Fraction of Urine of Edematous sufferers (pages 530–541): John A. Luetscher, Quentin B. Deming and Ben B. Johnson
Chapter 14 The position of the Liver in Water Metabolism (pages 542–552): James H. Birnie
Chapter 15 Relationships among Tissue development and Water and Electrolyte stability (pages 553–559): D. F. Cole
Chapter sixteen The Distribution of Water, Electrolytes, Nitrogen and Chondroitin Sulphate in Hyaline Cartilages (pages 560–578): Lillian Eichelberger, Thomas D. Brower and Michael Roma
Chapter 17 Chairman's final feedback (pages 579–583): S. Zuckerman

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4 Rabbit No. 5 Rabbit No. 1 Averages 6 to . 9 41 . 8 51-7 It was then logical to ask oneself if cholesterol (with its probable alkalotic action) would also he different from the other stcroids. Up to the present, we have only found the action of dihydrofolliculine or estradiol (see Table HI), comparable with the action of cholesterol. However, it is known that the hydrating power of this substance, belonging to the mstrane group, is one of the highest and its clinical action one of the clearest (Cachera, 1947).

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