Ciba Foundation Symposium - The Cerebrospinal Fluid: by G. E. W. ; O'Connor, Cecilia M. Ciba Foundation

By G. E. W. ; O'Connor, Cecilia M. Ciba Foundation Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 Chairman's starting feedback (pages 1–2): G. A. G. Mitchell
Chapter 2 Structural and useful adjustments within the Telencephalic Choroid Plexus in the course of Human Ontogenesis (pages 3–31): J. Ariens Kappers
Chapter three The constitution and Relationships of Arachnoid Granulations (pages 32–54): Leslie Turner
Chapter four The nice constitution of the Mammalian Choroid Plexus (pages 55–79): George B. Wislocki and Aaron J. Ladman
Chapter five Nerves of the Meninges and Choroid Plexuses (pages 80–96): E. R. A. Cooper
Chapter 6 Observations at the Choroid Plexus Maintained as an Organ in Tissue tradition (pages 97–123): C. E. Lumsden
Chapter 7 Observations at the creation and movement of the Cerebrospinal Fluid (pages 124–146): D. H. M. Woollam and J. W. Millen
Chapter eight reports of the Formation and Absorption of the Cerebrospinal Fluid utilizing Radioactive Isotopes: A severe evaluate of knowledge and Conclusions (pages 147–167): B. Selverstone
Chapter nine supplements and the Cerebrospinal Fluid (pages 168–188): J. W. Millen and D. H. M. Woollam
Chapter 10 a few points of the connection among the Cerebrospinal Fluid and the critical frightened approach (pages 189–208): Hugh Davson
Chapter eleven The life of a Barrier among the Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Boundary of the mind; together with Experimental Investigations on Rabbits, utilizing Bilirubinaemia (pages 209–229): Lennart Herlin
Chapter 12 Neuropathological Observations at the Cerebrospinal Fluid Pathway (pages 230–245): ok. J. Zulch
Chapter thirteen Mechanical features of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Circulation—Physiological, Pathological, Surgical (pages 246–264): Norman M. Dott and F. John Gillingham
Chapter 14 Clinicopathological points of the Cerebrospinal Fluid flow (pages 265–281): Richard T. Johnson
Chapter 15 a potential Mechanism of Hydrocephalus: The Osmotic legislation of Cerebrospinal Fluid quantity (pages 282–301): David Bowsher
Chapter sixteen a few difficulties of Experimental Spinal Anaesthesia (pages 302–326): A. D. Macdonald

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The superior sagittal sinus. It is not unusual to find a few red blood cells scattered within the substance of the granulations, the appearances suggesting that these have been produced artificially, but structures that could be identified with certainty as blood vessels were not observed, except in association with the dural inclusions already described; nor were nerve fibres seen in material stained by silver methods. 9 (a). 9. ( a ) Dural fibres have invaginated a granulation, and a blood vessel is seen within the loop of these fibres.

Bowsher: How far laterally from the superior sagittal sinus do you find this continuous membrane, in other words where do you first get a true subarachnoid space? Like Prof. ] DISCUSSION 53 dura opened first. g. of cats, and we have also done it in humans. We never measured the distance from our place of puncture to the superior sagittal sinus, but we certainly got specimens from the superolateral surface. Woollam: A ten-month-old child showed an arachnoid villus rather comparable to those which have been published by Prof.

There are arachnoid villi which are only covered by mesothelial lining, and there are others where one cannot be sure, because there is some tissue around them which seems to derive from the dura mater. Turner: If one follows them through serial sections, one finds that the surface of the villus is covered by a fairly dense layer of dura mater, and over the summit these fibres become attenuated and much more cellular and they invariably fuse with the cells on the summit of the granulation. Schaltenbrand: Have you seen arachnoid villi which are only covered by a very thin mesothelial lining?

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