Convergent Series by Larry Niven

By Larry Niven


Bordered in Black
One Face
Like Banquo's Ghost
The Meddler
Dry Run
Convergent Series
The Deadlier Weapon
The Nonesuch
Singularities Make Me Nervous
The Schumann Computer
Assimilating Our tradition, That's What They're Doing!
Grammar Lesson
The topic is Closed
Cruel and Unusual
Transfer of Power
Cautionary Tales
Rotating Cylinders and the potential of international Causality Violation
Night on Mispec Moor
Wrong method Street

Originally released 1979 via Del Rey.

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Carefully. Don’t talk about it to anyone you don’t know, don’t mention it at work even to those you trust. ” “Tell me about it. Every time I get someone new in the office, I feel like I’ve got to spend all day looking over my shoulder. ” Doug laughed. ” “Damn straight. ” “Nah. Just feeling you out. Plays the part well, though, don’t you think? I had to agree. She’d figured me out without even a hint at what she was up to. “So what do you say, Jenks? Our next meeting’s tonight. ” I rubbed at a stain on the table.

Maybe they spotted me casing the clinic that afternoon, but that wouldn’t be enough to arrest me on. They must have seen me pull up that evening, almost go in. But they can’t arrest you for almost, can they? Hell, they didn’t have anything they could pin on me. I’d been a damn boy scout at the clinic all these years; I hated myself for it, but I never gave them anything to hang me with. And what did they have now? My name in Doug’s phone, a call, a drive by at the mall during clinic hours? Nothing.

Jesus. Gotta go. ” I reached for the remote control on my night stand and flipped on the monitor suspended from the far wall, then searched the web for local news. ” There it was, plain as day. A bunch of doctors and nurses being hauled outside in handcuffs through the same door I’d been staring at only a few hours ago from the comfort of my car, the same door I’d almost walked through in a moment of rebellious false confidence. “God, how could I have been so stupid? ” I was too stunned to make out what they were saying before the picture faded to a live chase scene; Doug’s car.

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