Cooperation in Primates and Humans: Mechanisms and Evolution by Peter Kappeler, Carel P. van Schaik

By Peter Kappeler, Carel P. van Schaik

Cooperative habit has been one of many enigmas of evolutionary concept because the days of Charles Darwin. The contributions to this publication learn the various elements of cooperative habit in primates and people as a number of the world's prime specialists evaluation and summarize the cutting-edge of theoretical and empirical reviews of cooperation. This ebook is therefore the 1st to bridge the space among parallel study in primatology and reports of people. Comparative as this method is, it highlights either universal ideas and facets of human distinctiveness with appreciate to cooperative habit.

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Males also selectively defend their own infants from attacks by other males (Borries et al. 1999). These data imply that males are able to distinguish their own offspring from other male’s offspring and channel investment selectively to their own offspring. 3 The distribution of unilateral altruism Functional analyses of the deployment of social behavior are plagued by three problems. First, there are relatively few kinds of affiliative behaviors that occur often enough to quantify at the dyadic level (Cords 1997).

Support against dominant opponents is strongly kin-biased (Kurland 1977, Watanabe 1979, Walters 1980, Silk 1982, Chapais 1983, Cheney 1983a, Hunte & Horrocks 1986, Netto & van Hooff 1986, Pereira 1988, 1989, Harcourt & Stewart 1989, Chapais et al. 1991). Moreover, monkeys are more likely to intervene on behalf of close kin against higher-ranking opponents than on behalf of distant kin (Datta 1983c, Chapais et al 1997). Much of this support is performed on behalf of immatures, who cannot effectively reciprocate.

He hypothesized that females might exchange grooming for support in agonistic conflicts. Because the most powerful females make the most attractive allies, females will direct their grooming efforts toward the highest-ranking females in their groups. However, time budgets constrain the amount of time available for grooming (Dunbar 1991), so females must compete for access to the highest-ranking females. High rank confers competitive advantages, so females are forced to settle for grooming partners of adjacent rank and trade grooming in kind.

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