CultureShock! Cuba: A Survival Guide to Customs and by Mark Cramer

By Mark Cramer

E-book by way of Cramer, Mark, Cramer, Marcus

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Some historians believe Lhat a bizarre. fuIrtlhng prophesy. originating In the U S While House. pushed Fidei Into the arms of the Soviets Others say thaL Fidel had always been a . \arxlsL as he himself later declared Questions about Cuban h i story. follOW i n g the I qS'l overthrow of BallSliI. revolve around two Issues. FlrsL are Cuba's experiments with utopian SOCial reforms. some of them successful . others failed Second Is the conflici belween Cuba and Lhe un ited Slales. With histOrians divided as 10 who pushed who first.

Iani relurned to Cuba wllh a law degree from Sparn. In 1879. he was arrested again and deported as a subversive. ending up In I\ew York after passing Ihrough Europe. I n I\ew York. mse an educational centre for black Cuban eXiles. I n 1 8<15, Mart i . r of Independence The objectives of Marti's Cuban Revolutionary Puny were freedom from political and economic domination by any foreign power. be I t Spain or the Unlled Slates. equalilY among Cubans regardless of class or colour. and establlshmem of democratic processes.

Although such measures tended to push Cuba ever closer to the SOVlel bloc, Castro would later CritiCiSe the Soviets for their relallons with 111un Amencan oligarchies. One of Ihose oligarchies defealed Che Guevara's 1967 mllilary Incursion In Bolivia Afler bemg captured, Guevara was summarily execuled by the Bolivian military L \. -\ LPPORT Support for Cuba evemually came from within 111u n America. MeXICO had Immedlalely refused 10 comply with the OAS sanolons and the 11111n Amencan ans and lellers community continued 10 back the Cuban reforms.

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