Reactor and Materials Tech Monthly Rpt [May, 1965]

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Differential Thermal Analysis. The DTA apparatus was placed in semiroutine hooded operation. 55). There is considerable indication of a reaction at approximately 250 C on cooling all samples, fro_ 800 C. Oxidation has been a problem and the compositions of the specimens have not been the same during cooling as during heating. This problem appears to have been alleviated by using an A-8% H2 atmosphere and a tantalum getter in the furnace. Thermionic Emission Work Function Measurements. 8 ev. 58 ev with the latter probably being the most reliable.

The helium is being circulated at a low temperature in an attempt to clean up the gas to less than i ppm total impurities. The impurity level was reduced to 2 ppm of water at which time a sample valve leaked and contaminated the gas in the loop to a total impurity of 800 to 900 ppm. The loop was operated cold to prevent oxidation of components, as will be required in ATR application, until the impurity level was reduced to a few plan. Then the temperature of the loop was slow_v raised to design temperature.

05 times the average (bulk) enthalpy rise if no cross-channel mixing occurs. Thus, it can be concluded that the flow rates necessary to suppress ch_,nel midpoint boiling at the outlet end are actually lo05 to 1006 times the flow rates to reach saturation conditions for the bulk coolant and that cross-channel mixing is UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED A-h5 BNWC-8 5 A small. Intrachaanel coolant temperature measurements verified this conclusion within reasonable accuracy. 60 _,u,clearO_uhlte Studies_ Irradiation and Annealing of CSF Graphite.

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